Depression in Elderly Women

The rate of older depression is more common among older women than older men. The older women experience more symptoms of depressive disorder than older men.There are certain risk factors which are common in later life of women. In the mid age, some women may have to experience some panic situation or severe disease which often can increase the chances of depression among them. Most often the elderly women could not handle the situation and become psychologically sick that can make them depressed.

The factors that are generally responsible for elderly women depression or frequently visible in old age are as follows:

In the middle age these unusual events or factors can bring negative impact in an older woman’s life and put her in the depressive disorder. For example, most of the service holder women took retirement from job which put them under financial crisis as well as make them dependent to other. These dependency and financial crisis often foster depression in their life.

In the mid age loneliness is another big factor which can create depression in their life. Feeling of loneliness could take place in life for various reasons such as break from professional life, death of husband or partner; even some children keep their old mother in the old home and make them isolated from all social relationship. Sometimes these factors become so severe and put them in the riskier stage even sometimes they can commit to suicidal deaths.

Moreover during this stage of life an older woman can attack by severe diseases like chronic pain, heart diseases and these physical diseases can cause depressive illness. Thyroid is another reason which lead depression as thyroid can bring hormonal changes and occur some also some physical changes.

But in most cases the older women could not properly diagnosis their symptom of depressive illness. Though they are experiencing the signs but often they become unaware of it. Even some old women are reluctant to express their difficulties to others, as a result the doctors become unable to recognize their illness.

Every older woman should be well educated about the signs that they could take the right medication for them. The older women should be aware of following symptoms which are considered as most common symptoms for both men and women at middle age:

Sometimes the depressed older women misinterpret these signs as outcome of severe illness like heart diseases or chronic pain and take the wrong medicines.In order to get rid of this disorder proper diagnosis is must. So if the depressed women could take proper treatment and aware of the signs and symptoms then they can properly diagnosis their illness and can come out of depression. The family members also should be aware of these signs and ensure her proper treatment by taking her to the doctor and monitor medicine taking.

Though the menopause period increases the chances of depressive disorder among female but the post menopause stage reduce the number of depression among older women. After menopause most of the depressed older women get rid of their depressive illness.

But higher rate of depression does not mean that every older woman develop depression. Some older women can strongly handle the unusual situations of their mid life and overcome this period successfully.

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