How Major Depression can be Diagnosed?

Diagnosis of major depressive disorder can provide the assurance of proper treatment. The diagnosis process of this disorder not only prescribe the right treatment but also helpful to screen and evaluate other psychological and physical difficulties In order to diagnosis the major depression, the victim has to experience at least one episode of major depressive disorder rather than the episode of mania, hypomania or mixed.

There are some particular symptoms of depression which often work as diagnosis factor for both the sufferer and the doctor. For example:

The treatment process could vary according to the nature and outcome of disorder. So the patient should be screened properly to find the accurate type of depressive illness and to ensure the proper treatment. There is no particular physical test to diagnose major depressive disorder. Doctor or G.P. basically executes the diagnosis process on the basis of counseling, thorough psychological examination and the removal of other physical disorders as diagnoses. To get the perfect result, the diagnosis of major depressive disorder should be done under professional medical procedure.

The diagnosis process basically starts with the visiting or consulting with a doctor. However the whole screening process comprises of the following steps:

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