What is Depression?

Every human being experiences elevated mood due to different stages of life. Feeling or experiencing good or low mood is normal. Such feelings is basically needed to stay lively and to being responsive to our surroundings. Otherwise people will be totally predictable and robotic. So experiencing changing mood is necessary to add variation in life. But there is a difference between depression and elevated mood. The difference could be described as the difference between normal experience and illness. Because every people does not develop depression due to ups and downs in life. So what is depression, and what antidepressants to buy, to get rid of it?

The word depression is generally used to illustrate a range of moods that ranges from low spirits to a severe problem which obstructs with normal life. So if anyone develops depression then illness begins and normal experience ends, which affect the normal living style. A very well known definition of depressive illness was given by Sir Aubrey Lewis. He said depressed people are sad, and ill with their sadness. This refers that not only low mood but, also their illness are responding in the way their bodies are functioning. Depression is such an emotional feelings on stage by which every person has to go through in the various respect of life.

Depression can be ranges from severe to mild stages. Every person does not have the same capabilities to handle or bear the emotional feelings and difficulties of life in the similar way. Some people become very depressed due to family problems, marital difficulties, job failure, study break and so forth reasons, which lead various physical and mental illness even sometimes committed to suicide. Depressive illness can attack at any age, any gender like male, female, children, old man, and old women. Although some studies have shown that women develop depression more the man.

Depression is very much common in the people’s life. Because every person has ups & downs in study life, job career and personal life. Depression can affect the behavioral characteristics, thinking style, sleeping pattern, living style, study etc. As a result it leads many difficulties and problems, such as anxiety, loss of weight, lack of interest in every work, lonely feeling, lack of interest in food, appetite change, poor health, loudness, shame, phobia etc. But the symptoms and signs of depression or depressive disorder may vary according to age and gender. For example, a depressed child or a depressed teenager behave in different way and experience the different symptoms than a depressed adult. Suppose, the depressed child may refuse to go to school or may be he/she develops the fear of losing his/her parents. Reversely a man or a woman who is suffering from depressive disorder, experience the signs of anger, sadness, and irritability change of appetite and so on. Sometimes the effect and outcomes of depressive disorder could be reacting according to particular society or culture.

Some countries have higher rates of depression. Especially according to the study or research is U.S.A depression hit every 1 people out of 10 people and it attack 10 million people in every one year. Depressive disorder can leads serious problem even committed to suicide and major depressive disorder sometimes require hospitalization, therapy and other treatment. And depression is not only occurring in U.S.A but also occur in all over the world. Depression is a severe disorder but it can successfully treatable with medical, counseling, psychotherapy and other therapy like cognitive behavioral therapy, Interpersonal therapy, electroconvulsive therapy. Even some patients have very good record of recovery having only talking treatment from general practitioner. The mild depression can be successfully treatable with the General Practitioner and their prescribed medicines can sought out general problems such as appetite, sleep, anxiety etc. In order to get the proper treatment, it is very much important to identify the type of depression. It is ranges from mild to major. If the mild depression will treated as major depression then it may bring reverse effect, especially in case of children. The depressed child should firstly treat with General Practitioner and some general counseling. Otherwise it may badly affect their soft mind and carry in the whole life as a nightmare.

Depression is common as cold or other normal disease. So dear readers, do not worries, takes the right treatment, goes to your General Practitioner and try to recover with self help tactics.

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