What are the Mental Depression Symptoms?

Depression is the common illness which can affect any one and bring some unexpected and unusual situation. These unusual circumstances and negative impression of life lead depressive illness. But most of the patients of depressive disorder are unable to realize their depressive disorder stage. Though they are facing problems in their everyday life, for example, their normal living pattern become changed, their thinking do not work properly, their liking disliking also affected. But as they could not able to recognize the symptoms of depressive illness they do not take the right medication.

As a result, the depressed people become more depressed by ignoring the symptoms of depression and waste money in recognizing these symptoms through some medical test and other lab test or other physical scan. And by doing this they may provide harm to themselves by taking wrong medication. But the people can prevent this harmful situation by taking proper step of treatment and knowing the symptoms. Every disease or illness has some signs which referring the type of that illness. So depression has also lots of mental signs or symptoms.

If these symptoms are reflected within you or if you are suffering these symptoms for long time that means you are in depressive disorder. Here I am giving you the mental signs and symptoms of depression which will make you able to recognize your mental illness and take the right medication with proper treatment. Here are the following:

Grief and lack of interest: feeling grief and lack of interest in every work are the most featured mental symptoms of depression or depressive disorder. The people who are depressed may not able to identify their illness. Because sadness and lack of interest in everything will not make you feel sick but if you are experiencing these symptoms for long time, then it is definitely a major sign of depression. People generally feel happy to do their favorite work or favorite pastime. Different person have different interest so they love to do that work which provide them interest or pleasure. But the depressed people do not get pleasure in any work, even their likings seems boring to them. The people with depression basically attacked by anhedonic term which reduces their interest, feelings, excitement, as a result their life became worthless and useless to them. Feeling sad or grief is also an outcome of loss of interest. If you will not feel or get any interest in work then you might not be able to stay happily. Depressed people may behave or react normally but their mind become unresponsive to the outer world. Even some depressed people reaches to severe stage and could not feel ‘love’ and emotion for their nearest people. As a result depressed people become unresponsive to the life and in some cases committed to suicide. So if you are feeling these symptoms, if you become completely bored to your life and lose the capability to understand the caring and love of your nearest people, then you are in depressive disorder. So wherever you will feel these signs and symptoms consult with your General Practitioner immediately, before making it severe depressive illness.

Poor concentration and indecisiveness: Sometimes for long time people could not concentrate on their work, study or career. These symptoms should not be neglected, as these symptoms could be proving as major mental problem. Poor concentration and indecisiveness in every task may carry on the long way by messing up the normal life. For example, study life may faces failure, or job career could be disorganized. So if you are passing through these mental signs or problems then it is very important for you to recognize the reason behind this poor concentration and you should try to recover from these symptoms as early as possible. Generally depressed people could not concentrate properly and disable to take the right decision.

So dear reader, if you are feeling that you become perplexed and confused in every decision and become indecisive before taking any decision, for example you got a job but you become unable to take the decision wither you will do the job or not then may you are developing depressive illness.

Guilt: Feeling guilty is another common and highly important symptom of mental illness. AS I mentioned earlier, that the people who are in depression could not take any prompt decision and lose the ability to feel pleasure and love in the work. These symptoms lead another problem and that is feeling guilty. The depressed people take any failure as their own fault. Even it also may be seen among the children. Sometimes some children do not get proper caring or love from their parents. This affects in their mental state and led them to feel guilty in every work. The depressed people also suffer from sense of worthlessness and fall in panic situation. They think that they should be treated badly and they have no right to live. Moreover these depressed people often treated as abnormal people to other people for these unusual behaviors.

So my suggestion is that, before it become too late, if you are facing these problems and these symptoms are getting heavy on you, then you should immediately consult with a doctor.

Hopelessness: Our life is full of memories. Some memories give us enjoyment and pleasure and some memories remind us the painful past. Basically all of us want to recollect the enjoyable memories which give us pleasure. These memories also give us enthusiasm. Moreover we often want to see our future as very organized and full of enjoyable moment. We always want to keep dreaming of success, wealth, pleasure, happiness about future. But these all are not true for depressed people. Because the people who are facing depressive illness they completely feel the reverse feelings and become hopeless. Sometimes they could not identify the reason behind these unusual feelings. So if you are not capable to recollect the good memory, if you are experiencing only the negative image of the past then do not get upset. You are in depressive disorder. And depression is common illness and could be successfully treated by proper medication. One more things this hopelessness also can give you the worst image of the future, you may think that you are good for nothing; you don’t have any bright future. This feeling or symptoms could be proving very much painful for someone and can lead suicidal thoughts. But there are many good treatment centers in the world which can help to get rid of this situation.

Agitation: this is also a mental symptom of depressive illness. Agitation is basically an extension sign of lack of interest or feeling grief always. There are many other symptoms like feeling helpless, rage of anger, excess emotion, anxiety, etc.

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