Signs and Symptoms of Bipolar II Disorder

Bipolar II disorder is identified by the recurring episodes of major depression and hypomania. Bipolar II disorder is basically characterized by the combination of hypomanic phases with separate phases of major depression. Bipolar II disorder also can leads the sufferers to develop certain episodes of depression which is similar to clinical depression.

The signs and symptoms of hypomania and major depression are quite different from the manic phase of bipolar depression. A sufferer of hypomania often experience elevated, expansive, or irritable mood which may continue for at least 4 consecutive days. A hypomanic episode never ranges to such stage which may require hospitalization or trigger serious impairment in functioning. Unlike mania, hypomanic episode does not have any conflict with reality.

The diagnosis and treatment process is also different. Hypomania often diagnose as mere happiness. In order to diagnosis the bipolar disorder you have to experience at least one episode of hypomania and depression. It is very much essential to identify the distinct type of bipolar disorder with its particular symptoms. Once you are well informed about the basic information of bipolar II disorder with all noticeable signs and symptoms then you will be able to provide those information to your doctor that are necessary for treatment and diagnosis process.

Even sometimes educate yourself about depression can work effectively in taking self-help tactics and preventing the severe phase. Here I am giving you the signs and criteria of hypomania and depressive phase of bipolar disorder that you can able to take right treatment for you.

Symptoms of Hypomania

Symptoms of Depressive Phase of Bipolar Disorder II

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