Teen Depression and Suicide

Comparing to the suicide attempt, completion of suicidal death is less frequent. However, attempted to suicidal death refers the warning sign and high possibility of suicidal death among young. The youth often attempted to suicide after occurrence of family conflict, break up of love relationship, or any other stressful events. Young people who attempt to suicide after such events are mostly susceptible due to having some other ongoing difficulties. To help the young people from suicidal risk, it is very much vital for the parents or other members or friends to have the details of young suicide including facts, signs, causes and treatment procedures.

The top common facts of young depression are:

There are some unusual symptoms which are only visible in a depressed young person, for example: reluctant to go to school, fear of losing their parents etc. However these signs are the indication of a general depressive state not a major or clinical state (responsible for suicidal thought or death among young). Generally the chances of suicidal death are more common among them who have made suicide attempts in the past.

There are very few but hazardous symptoms of suicidal state which are as follows:

The Causes:

The causes behind teen suicide have not yet properly identified. But there are some common factors which contributed to suicidal risk are as follows:

Role of family and friends

There are several ways through friends & family can help depressed victims in diagnosing the suicidal risks properly. Such as:

Sleeping Pills

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