Depression in Women

Depression in Women is a common problem. Recent studies have shown that women become depressed twice than men. In USA the number of depressed women is more that 12 Million and the number of male depression is more than 6 Million. Out of 8 women one woman is hits by depressive illness. That does not mean than men do not get depressed. Depressive illness is also common in men as in women. But female depression is more diagnosed or frequently visible by doctors, family and friends.

Depression can affect at age of female such as children, young girl, adult women and older women. Adolescent girls or children often experience depression for their family problems or sometimes inherit the depressive illness. Sexual abuse and poor education are the main causes of depressive illness of young girl. In this age though depression could be recover but in the later life depression can come out as a severe illness. Pregnancy, poor married relationship, divorce, unemployment can affect severely the women. All these difficulties seriously impact on their both personal and professional life which lead severe depressive illness. Especially for the service holder women depression is very common. Most often they become unable to handle home and office at some time which resulted in poor family relationship.

But the all age group of depressed women do not react in some manner. They react differently at different age. If any teenage girl or child who is in depression they may refused to go the school, or all time feels sick. Similarly the depressed young girl feels that she is alone in the world, nobody loves her, and she may not find any interest or energy in any work. During pregnancy the women often become depressed and react irritability, angriness etc.

The older women also face depression. The older women naturally experience some disease or chronic pain at this age which can cause depression in their mental stage. Retirement from work, dependency or other people, loneliness also is the highly important cause of older women depression.

Though having pill does not responsible for developing depression. But some women may not adjust with the effects of the oestrogen in the combined oral contraceptive pill, could suffers from the symptom of depression such as elevated mood or irritability.

The older women often are unaware about the outcome of depression. Though they develop depression but they could not identify. Sometimes doctors also cannot recognize because as they are unaware and take this symptoms as the side effects of other illness. So the older women should know the signs of depression that they can get rid of this unusual situation. In older stage of life depression often goes undiagnosed and gradually it goes at severe stage which is very dangerous because it increase the risk of suicidal thoughts and suicidal death.

The signs of depression are quite common between men and women. But there are certain things or stages which greatly affect the women and than men develop depression such as women often experience seasonal depression in the month of winter due to cold. In addition, the thyroid problem is very much common in women. The thyroid problem can be responsible for developing depressive disorder in women. Guilt feeling and lonely feeling are also frequent in women than men.

But whatever the depressive disorder is mild or several it can easily treatable. If proper treatment could be taken, then women can come out of depressive illness.

There are many antidepressant medications and treatment centers are available which have good records regarding depression recovery. Even General Practitioner can successfully treat mild depression. So, dear reader, if you are a woman and if you are developing depression then treat your illness as early as possible. Here is a nice info graphic from which highlights 11 ways men & women deal with depression differently. Please have a look on it:

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