Female Depression & Suicide

Suicidal thoughts and suicidal death are the several outcome of major depressive disorder. Depression puts the both men and women in the severe stage which lead suicide. But the female attempt more suicidal death whereas the men committed to suicide. Most often the women attempted to suicide but they do not complete the suicidal death. Female often does not choose the lethal methods for committing suicide and sometimes they attempted to suicide in order to bring changes in the dynamics of interpersonal relationship.

Moreover women show or express their suicide thoughts more than men. So, friends of family can help her or prevent her to commit the suicidal death. Basically suicidal thoughts take place more to those depressed female who are less than 30 years.

Though depressive illness is common among all females but risk factors are frequently visible among the female who are less than 30 years. Comparing to other depressed women, these age group women develop the major depressive disorder more resulting they attempted to suicide more.

There are certain features which can trigger risk factors for the depressed women and lead suicidal thoughts. For example:

These all factors can put the women in the risky stage which increased the rates of suicidal thoughts among depressed females. But it does not mean that women only think of suicide, they also commit to suicide if depression ranges to major depressive stage. The women choose less lethal method to harm them. Self poising is very common method among women for completing the suicidal death. Some depressed women also undergo the self destruction process.

However, their suicidal thoughts could be prevented from transforming into suicidal death with the help of their family members and friends. In order to prevent them, the family member should be very careful about the screening process during treatment, any other harmful medicine and availability of any harmful material which can help them to commit suicide. The female who is severely depressed should be immediately hospitalized if she has attempted to suicidal.

In addition, the family members also should keep monitoring on her regarding regular antidepressant medicine taking that will help her to prevent from being severely depressed. Proper treatment, regular observation and medicine taking can help female to come out from depression and make her able to regain her normal life.

Besides other’s help and support, self help is also very essential to recover quickly. A woman should express her sorrows or difficulties to nearest one and also should seek for treatment. To get rid of mood disorder a female can engage herself in some pleasurable activities, such as outing, watching movie, gardening, shopping and so on. It also might be helpful to reduce her feeling of loneliness and will stop her to take this dangerous step of suicidal death or thoughts.

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